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Sparklekits is a modular set of smart puzzle pieces and add-ons turning kids into creative technologists without a screen or wires.

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Build anything

Seamless technology embedded in each piece of Sparklekits allows kids to snap the parts together in any shape imaginable. Magnets and kid-safe connectors allow for can't-do-it-wrong experiences that invite creativity without rules.

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Play & program, wire-free


Magic RFID cards enable kids to make Sparklekits move, spin, beep, boop and glow, without using a screen or app. Younger kids can simply explore all the different sounds, motions and lights, and older kids can program, record and share their masterpieces as if they are making tangible code.

LEGO compatible

Bring existing bricks to life with Sparklekits. All elements are designed to work with the best building toy in the world, enhancing their creative structures with motion, lights, sound and sensors.

What's in the box?


Every box contains a starter kit consisting of several building blocks, wheels and lego pads. Whether you build a car, a unicorn or something different altogether is completely up to you. Use the different building blocks to let your imagination run wild.


We're launching on Kickstarter soon

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