Sparklekits is Live on Kickstarter

A screen-free, wire-free,  STEM programming kit.

Friendly, Flexible & Fun!

Sparklekits is a STEM kit with a set of modular magnetic blocks & puzzles that promotes educational discovery through open-ended play by hands-on experience using advanced technology. It is extremely easy to assemble and super intuitive.


What is Sparklekits?

Sparklekits is a better and a more fun STEM education tool that integrates building, learning, coding and play. Sparklekits breaks down complicated engineering works into easy-to-assemble, functional magnetic modular blocks which children can use without using any cables, screws or tools. It's super fun, hands-on experience. Coding has become a large part of STEM nowadays, but tangible coding or programming isn’t something that’s very accessible to most children nor parents. Considering that so many STEM toys aim to teach kids coding, it’s clear that parents and toymakers are focused on career development rather than pure, imaginative, open-ended play. That’s unhelpful for kids, and  doesn't stimulate them to use their imaginations. As parents, we should remember that play and learning should be about fun and exploration. 

Less screentime, more playtime

Let kids learn important 21st-century skills like coding, mechanics and creative thinking with this beautiful, screen-free STEM kit.

These building blocks are infused with magical, seamless technology that allows kids to code, build, and explore at their own pace. Built-in games and challenges let kids between 5-12 learn through play, and it's fully LEGO-compatible!


How to install?



Sparklekits comes with built-in fun. There’s a floor-covering game challenging kids to use their logic and sense of space to land the galaxy explorer back on earth.


Music Mode

Compose and record melodies using the tone cards and music module to bring music into play.


Mini Games

The LED module comes with color cards to mix and match colors and discover how light works.

Challenge your friends to a physical showdown with the Infrared module to see who has the fastest set of hands.


2 Wheels to 4 Wheels


Compatible with LEGO

Sparklekits are LEGO compatible so kids can bring their brick creations to life with everything that Sparklekits has to offer including motors, sensors, lights and sounds. Using the magic RFID cards, kids can program their LEGO to do whatever they want while learning the basics of programming.



Sparklekits Team

The international Sparklekits team has members from the US, Singapore, China and Hong Kong. Together, we want to create  better and more fun STEM education kits that integrate building, learning, coding, and play the spark of creativity within the minds of young boys and girls.


We are a small team and therefore lacking in resources. By supporting and backing us on Kickstarter we will be able to gain enough orders to begin mass production. We hope everyone can appreciate the technical and design thought and expertise that has gone into Sparklekits. Together we can make this product a reality. Thank you for your support and we take your trust in the team and the product very seriously. We look forward to shipping the first kits soon!

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